"...In my first 9 days, I lost 19 pounds and 6 inches in my waist!  Then in the next 30 days, I lost 38 pounds!!  At this point I had people coming to me and saying, 'I don’t care what you’re doing, I want to do it.'..."

"...In only 83 days, I lost 71 pounds!  On July 5th…
exactly 5 months after I began the program, I have lost 100 pounds, and a total of 76 inches!...

"...On July 27, my wife and I both started the program.  I lost 11 pounds on the first Program and 9 on second Program... I was feeling great and had more energy than I had had for years. My clothes were already feeling looser and the best part was, I was not suffering from hunger!  When I flew in September, I had lost 42 pounds and fit into my airline seat."

"By Jan 2008 - I had lost 102 pounds.  And now in June 2008  –  I have lost 146 pounds and 128.5 inches..."

"...I thought that would be it for the rest of my life!  It is rare to find an oriental lady whom weight 95 kg... (209 lb)"


"...By following the program correctly, I have lost 66 pounds in less than 4 months. And I lost 100 pounds and 21 inches in my waist within 1 year!  Both my mental and physical status improved a lot since then.  I learnt to enjoy healthy eating habit joyfully, I have never had such experience in my life ever!..."

"...I have released 101 pounds since September 4th of  2007.  These pictures were taken on January 3, 2008.  Since starting on the Program ~ I have not only shed over 100 pounds, I have gotten a job, had more energy, more mental clarity..."

"...At February 7, 2008 ~ I have now gone on to lose an additional 17 pounds which makes a total weight loss of 118  pounds..."

"...I lost 50 pounds in three months and went on to  lose 125 lbs. in 11 months.  Now I have lost a total of 147 pounds!  I have lost a total of 9 sizes.  I am now exactly half of my weight from when I started!..."

"...This is the smallest I have been in 23 years - my entire adult life!"

Ed and Sheryl have battled their weight since childhood.  They spent years trying diets that only work with deprivation - with little to no success - only to put the pounds back on - plus a few more.

Ed is 6.1 and is now at his goal weight of 188 pounds! 
Sheryl  is still losing her weight . . . and has now 
lost 115 pounds  and looks and feels fabulous!

Ed and Sheryl have lost 229 pounds  (together)  since April 20, 2003.

"...With my health on a downhill spiral and discouragement weighing down my heart, I had given in to only doing what I had to do.  I didn‘t want to be seen, go shopping, or be with friends..."

" was fast pace and healthy... it energized me physically, spiritually and mentally.
  I’ve shed I23 lbs., and I have regained the 'power and control' to be my 'authentic self'."

"...In my first 9 days, I lost 17 pounds and 16 inches!  In my first 30 days, I lost 47 pounds and 30 inches.  I continued and in 60 days, I had lost 72 pounds and 41 inches..."

"..By the end of third month, I lost 103 Pounds and 72 inches.  Wow!  After six months, I lost 162 pounds and 79 inches..."

"..Halfway through my eighth month, I reached my goal weight of 185 pounds... which is exactly half the man I used to be!"



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